Most Common Nursing Home Crimes

Abuse in the nursing home is a growing concern in the United States. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, approximately 1 in 10 nursing home residents are abused each year. Many cases of nursing home abuse, however, go unreported.

Physical Abuse

Nursing homes are places where the elderly and infirm go to receive care and attention. Unfortunately, they are also places where abuse can occur. Physical abuse can take many forms, from hitting and kicking to restraint and force-feeding. In some cases, it can even result in death.

Abuse in nursing homes is a serious problem, and it is vital to be aware of the signs. Bruises, cuts, welts, broken bones, burns, sudden weight loss, isolation from family or friends, and fearfulness are potential physical abuse indicators.

Elder Neglect

Nursing home neglect can profoundly impact the health and well-being of residents. Neglect can occur when staff fail to provide adequate care, fail to provide timely care or fail to meet residents’ basic needs. Neglect can also occur when staff members are aware of the abuse but take no action to address the situation.

Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is all too common, and it can lead to serious injuries or even death.

Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation of the elderly is a significant problem in the United States. Elder financial exploitation occurs when someone illegally or improperly uses an elder’s money or assets. Unfortunately, scammers often target elders because they are perceived to have significant savings and investments.

Elder financial exploitation in the nursing home can occur in a number of ways, such as through investment fraud, identity theft, and even caregivers who misuse an elder’s money. While elders may be targeted because of their wealth, they are also at risk because of their age. As people age, they may experience declining cognitive function, which can make them more vulnerable to scams and other forms of financial exploitation.

Charlotte Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

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