Below are just a handful of cases that the Benoit Law Firm team is currently working on, some of which have made local news headlines.

Human trafficking presser:

State trooper pedestrian strike:

Police chase resulting in the death of one passenger and permanent injury to another:

Restaurant shooting in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Our office has been retained on behalf of the families of the individual who died and the individual that was injured:

Our office represents a food delivery driver who was shot and permanently injured while making a delivery at an apartment complex. We have alleged that a failure to provide adequate security led to the shooting:


Placental Abruption resulting in death of a child:

Our office represents a young mother who, despite complaints at a local hospital, was discharged home and suffered a placental abruption. The end result was the loss of her child. Our office has filed suit to hold the proper parties responsible for this avoidable loss.

Unstageable pressure sore resulting in the wrongful death of a nursing home resident:

We have been retained by a local family to investigate the wrongful death of their grandfather who suffered an unstageable pressure sore to his back, developed septic shock, and died. Serious pressure sores are often the result of patient neglect and can have catastrophic results.

Missed cancer diagnosis resulting in the wrongful death of a married father of 44 years:

We are currently litigating a case against a doctor and hospital that involves a missed cancer diagnosis which led to the death of a loving husband of over 40 years. This case is especially heartbreaking because this husband and wife were looking forward to spending their Golden Years together travelling and enjoying grandchildren.

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