New Year’s Car Accident Statistics

New Year’s Eve is a historical event celebrated by millions of people around the globe. The holiday is meant to celebrate the end of an old year and look forward to the start of the new one. With celebrations making a significant return this holiday, accidents are expected to rise.

In this blog post, Benoit Law Firm, PLLC will explore DUI statistics from a multitude of studies from around the U.S. to better understand and prepare for commuting this holiday.

Alcohol-related Statistics

Plan Ahead

It is always essential to devise a plan on the night of New Year’s Eve, so you know what to expect. Staying in the comfort of your own home is the safest option, but if you plan on going out elsewhere and drinking, scheduling a rideshare is your best option. You can always devise a designated driver in the friend group the day of so you know who is getting you home safely.

Drive With Precaution

If you decide to drive, do so with precaution. The most dangerous time to drive on New Year’s Day is right after midnight between the hours of 1- 3 a.m. Even if you live close to your destination, it is advised to expect anything while on the road late at night.

Make sure to eliminate all distractions during the car ride, like your cell phone, excessively loud music, and distracting conversations, to ensure a safe trip home. Taking these precautions can help you focus on driving the speed limit, as speeding is a significant factor in fatal car accidents year-round.

Stay Safe

Lastly, stay safe this holiday season! It’s okay to celebrate the new year, but you should do so responsibly. We hope the statistics in this blog help you better understand why being conscious on the road can save lives this holiday season.

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