This Is Why It Can Be Dangerous to Wear a Mask While Driving

As you know by now, wearing a face mask while in public spaces can significantly reduce the transmission of the novel coronavirus. Since the virus is known to spread easily through airborne transmission, wearing a mask around other people is the responsible thing to do.

However, it’s not necessary to wear a mask in all everyday situations, such as driving alone in your car. Here’s why doing so can be hazardous:

Masks Cause Distractions

While driving, you can become distracted in three main ways:

  • Visually
  • Cognitively
  • Physically

Wearing a mask while driving has the potential to cause all three distractions. You see, most masks don’t fit most faces properly. Even if you do have a snug fit, the chances of it moving around on your face while driving are significant.

When your mask moves around on your face or rides up, it causes a visual distraction, and you’ll have to fix it. Thinking about the discomfort of the mask moving around is a cognitive distraction. In order to actually fix the mask so that it’s comfortable on your face again, you’ll have to take at least one hand off the wheel, which causes a physical distraction.

You Aren’t Protecting Yourself From the Virus

When you are driving alone in your car or with other people in your household, wearing a mask while driving is not necessary. If you wouldn’t wear a mask while you’re at home, you don’t need to wear one in your car.

However, if you are a delivery or rideshare driver, it’s best to purchase a mask that fits perfectly on your face so that you can leave it on throughout the day. Taking your mask off and putting it back on over and over again can be more harmful than leaving it on during your shift.

If you’ve been injured in a distracted driving car accident or any other type of accident for that matter, you may be entitled to compensation. Let us see if we can help you recover it.

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