Nursing Home Abuse: Financial

What is Nursing Home Financial Abuse?

There are several forms of nursing home abuse—none of which are easy to endure—but financial abuse can be particularly harmful to seniors. Strangers can rip off elders in long-term care through scams that  steal money from nursing home residents. However, it is more common for financial abuse to be conducted by those close to the senior, such as any of the following people:

  • Caregivers
  • Financial professionals
  • Spiritual advisers

Forms of Elder Financial Abuse in Nursing Homes

People find all sorts of ways to steal money from nursing home residents. The following are some of the most common ways:

Stealing From the Resident’s Room

Nursing home residents don’t have much privacy. Their doors are almost always open and there are a slew of people that come in and out of the room throughout the day. This combination makes it easy for theft to occur.

Checkbook or Credit Card Theft

If a nursing home resident leaves their wallet unattended, even just for a few minutes, there’s a good chance it will get stolen. Finding the culprit will likely be near impossible.

Checkbook or Credit Card Misuse

People with permission to use the elder’s checkbook or credit card can do so in unauthorized ways, or in ways that do not benefit the nursing home resident.

Identity Theft

If a thief can get a hold of a nursing home resident’s personal information, it’s possible for him or her to open new credit cards in the elder’s name until all the cards are maxed out or the thief is caught.

Undue Influence

This occurs when someone fakes affection for a nursing home resident in order for them to con the elder into making a new will. Oftentimes, they lie to the senior about who the senior’s natural heirs are so that the elder disinherits them.

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