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Here in North Carolina, we have beautiful lakes and amazing coastlines that draw thousands of people out to enjoy sun-soaked days on the water every year. Unfortunately, boaters can suffer serious or even fatal injuries due to intoxication or other negligence of a watercraft operator.

At Benoit Law Firm, PLLC in Charlotte, North Carolina, our personal injury attorney Dexter Benoit brings almost two decades of legal expertise to each boating accident case. If you’ve been injured on the water due to someone else’s negligence, it is important that you contact a boating accident lawyer immediately.

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How Boating Accidents Occur

Like other vehicle accidents, boat accidents can occur in myriad ways and for many reasons. Boating accidents come with unique dangers as well, such as the possibility of drowning in hazardous or remote waters. While typically a very fun and exhilarating activity, it’s important to remain vigilant while boating in order to ensure no accidents occur.

Boating accidents are probably more common than you realize, though they are preventable. Here are some recent statistics about boating accidents:

  • The number of boating accidents in North Carolina increased 64% from 2017 to 2018, from 117 accidents to 192
  • In 2018, 35 people died in boating accidents, the highest number of water vessel-related fatalities since the 1990s
  • In 29 of those cases, the victims were not wearing a life vest
  • Operator inattention and distraction is the leading cause of boating accidents in the United States

Whether riding or driving a boat, make sure you and everyone else on board wears a life vest and remains attentive at all times to better prevent accidents. In the unfortunate case a mishap does occur, contact a lawyer immediately after seeking rescue and medical attention.

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